Day Trips We've Taken

West Tennessee

Jackson (Casey Jones and TN Safari Park)

Dover (Land Between the Lakes – visiting KY)

Paris (Eiffel Tower, Cavitt Place, & More)

Middle Tennessee

Clarksville (Antiques, Food, Wine, & More)

Franklin (Soar, Downtown, Food, & More)

Nashville (Dragon, Parthenon, Honky Tonk)

Sparta (Kayak, Hike, Burgess Falls, & More)

Rock Island (Park, Ice Cream, Harmony Farm)

Nashville (Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom)

East Tennessee

Crossville (Ozone Falls, Military, Wine & More)

Tennessee is full of interesting places to visit with lots of fun things to do.  Whatever your interests are, Tennessee has it.  From exploring historical sites, relaxing by a lake, hiking in the mountains, visiting a big city, small town, wineries, distilleries, great food, … Tennessee has it and more!

The biggest challenge of a day trip is picking which site to visit and knowing other things to do once you are in the area. 

When we started planning our day trips, we also wanted to experience the culture of each area we visited. Such as the people, the food, wineries, distilleries, and any natural or man-made features unique to that area.

You will notice our blogs begin with a starting point destination, estimate the amount of time you might want to spend at that location, and then provide drive times to each subsequent location.  Each blog contains the address of the location along with their website link.

Tennessee is divided by three Grand Divisions: West, Middle, and East … sometimes referred to as “the three Tennessees”.  Our day trips are listed below by divisions or you can scroll down further to see all of our day trips.  We would love to hear from you. Please send us an email: 

This Hidden Gem Offers a Legendary Date Night!

Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom located at 5724 River Road in Nashville, TN is a hidden gem and perfect for planning a memorable date night. It’s hard to believe that Ray Stevens opened his CabaRay...

The Best Day Trip Ever – Hike, Ice Cream, and Cuddle

We can’t say enough about this day trip in Tennessee. We started our trip in Rock Island TN and wrapped it up in Smithville TN. We only had three destinations planned on this day trip and each...

Delight Your Senses with Fabulous Food & Fun!

This day trip takes you from Tennessee into Kentucky and Indiana. It’s a short 2-hour drive with several stops along the way that will leave you wanting to come back and explore more! Our day...

Experience the Sweet Love of Paris

For those of you who want to experience the splendor and romance of Paris France by having your picture taken next to the monument known as “La dame de fer” which means “The Iron...

Travel 150 years into the past at The Homeplace

Your day trip in Tennessee begins in Dover, TN and then crosses the Kentucky border to visit Land Between the Lakes National Recreational Area. This has been one of our more enjoyable day trips, so be...

Jackson – A Genuine Step Back in Time

This day trip to West Tennessee only has two (possibly four) stops along the way and yet there is so much to do, that you need a full day! The Casey Jones Village and Tennessee Safari Park will become...

Crossville: A day trip you will love!

This is a fun day trip. Crossville is located in the center of Cumberland County on the Cumberland Plateau. There is a lot to see and do in this area. We’ve selected a handful of sites to give...

Clarksville – No Need to Catch the Last Train

This day trip has it all as you experience the sites, tastes, history, and fun that Clarksville has in store. Start your day off in Clarksville by visiting Miss Lucille’s Marketplace (2231-L...

Nashville – Dragons, Line Dance, Pub Crawl & More

There is always something new to discover when you visit Nashville. This day trip to Nashville is perfect for all ages, especially if you have out of town guests with kids who want to experience...

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