For those of you who want to experience the splendor and romance of Paris France by having your picture taken next to the monument known as “La dame de fer” which means “The Iron Lady” … you can save on air fare by traveling to Paris, TN.

The Eiffel Tower Park, at 1020 Maurice Fields Drive in Paris TN stands 70′ tall, which is about 14 times smaller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris France, yet it gives you the same great photo opportunity.

Our day trip to Paris, TN has you walking through their historic downtown area, enjoying sweet treats, a great meal, and doing a little hiking around a beautiful lake.

The Paris Henry County Heritage Center, known as the Cavitt Place, is located at 614 N. Poplar St. Called the “Crown Jewel of Paris” this historical Italian Revival Mansion was built in 1916 and still has the original stained glass windows, marble staircase, floors, and more. This museum is only open Thursday thru Saturday from 10am-4pm and Sunday 1pm – 4pm, so plan accordingly. If traveling another day, no worries, plenty to see.

Walk through Historic Downtown Paris

Head to downtown Paris which is a short 2-minute drive to view Back Alley Art which begins at 216 W. Wood Street in between N. Market & Fentress. You will find several murals painted on the walls of buildings as you walk through this back alley way. Then stroll through Downtown Paris and enjoy the 1920’s era architecture, while exploring the many local businesses in this area.

Satisfy your sweet tooth

After exploring downtown, hop in your car for a quick 5-minute drive to Sweet Jordan’s, at 849 Volunteer Drive for some coffee and sweet treats. This place is impressive!

As mentioned at the top of this blog, The Eiffel Tower Park is located at 1020 Maurice Fields Drive, and is great for a photo opportunity. This park is only a 1-minute drive from Sweet Jordan’s.

When we arrived, we filmed this quick video and sent it to some of our friends, who immediately congratulated us for making it to Paris France. We later corrected them by saying we were in Paris TN!

There is plenty to do at this park: relax, play disc golf, pickle ball, tennis, and more. Bring your own equipment and enjoy the outdoors.

Hungry for Lunch or Dinner

After our visit to the Eiffel Tower, we were in the mood for a glass of wine and a quick bite to eat.

Moustos Pasta & Grill, is located at 1305 E. Wood Street, and just a short 4-minute drive away.

We enjoyed the look of this restaurant both inside and out. The service was quick, friendly, and the food was delicious. This is a great way to wrap up your day trip or if you are in the mood for some hiking, we have one more stop you can make.

Hike Paris Landing State Park

Paris Landing State Park is 25-minutes away at 16055 US 79 in Buchanan, TN. Situated on the western shore of the Tennessee River, which was dammed to form one of the world’s largest man-made lakes (Kentucky Lake) makes this a nice stop to sit by the water or walk around the lake.

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