Secrets to a Successful Day Trip

Plan … but be spontaneous!

Write out a plan of where to go, when to leave, and even though your plan is written out, be spontaneous and experience life as it happens. Visit our Day Trips page for some day trips already laid out for you. 

Select a destination to visit! It sounds easy, but it can seem overwhelming at the same time. The state of Tennessee is approximately 440 miles long from east to west and 120 miles from north to south. Our suggestion is to start with a day trip close to home. You’ll be familiar with the area and starting off close to home may feel more comfortable. 

Organize your trip by opening a Word Document or use a note pad. As you research the area, you will want to write down places that you might want to see while in that area.

Google “things to do in (your selected destination)”. Once you start searching, you will come across multiple sites to review. As you start searching, we typically copy and paste or write down the places suggested. Don’t do a deep dive into the site just yet. This is more of a “10,000 foot view” of what jumps out at you of things to do.

Roadside America is another site we like to review before organizing our final plans. Roadside America features uniquely odd tourist attractions. The Roadside America offbeat places to visit are submitted by locals and tourists alike. You might want to stop at “The Fork in the Road” or see a huge weather vane that actually has a plane at the top. Roadside America also has an app that you can download to your phone. We usually look over this site to find some hidden photo opportunities to squeeze into our day trip.

Research the places you listed. Go through the items you copied down on your Word Document or note pad and Google those sites. If it sounds interesting to you, copy and paste or write down the address. Note if they are only open on certain days of the week, what their hours are, is there a charge for a tour, etc.

Use to organize your travel. Enter your starting address and then click on “directions”. Enter an address from your list. Then click “Add Destination” and enter another address. Continue to do this for all sites selected and you can move destinations up and down on your list so you are not backtracking to get to sites. Now you have a driving route all mapped out and an idea of how much time it will take to drive. While in google maps you can ask for nearby restaurants or google best restaurant in the area you will be visiting.

Plan when you will take your day trip. Plan what day and time you will leave to embark on your day trip. Selecting the time to begin your trip is important, so you can fit as many things into your day trip.

Hit the road! Pack a few snacks, bottles of water, and anything you think you might need based on where you are going: swim trunks, beach towel, sunscreen, etc. 

Have fun and engage with people. Some of your most memorable moments may be found in conversations you have with people you meet along the way. They may suggest a place for you to visit that you hadn’t thought about. They may just add a smile or laugh to your day and you may add one to their day.

Be spontaneous and experience life as it happens! If you are having a great time at one location while on your day trip and want to stay longer … do it! You can always skip places on your day trip list or call an audible and head in a different direction based on someone’s recommendation. 

We hope you found these tips in planning your day trip to be helpful.

Visit our Day Trips page to view some of the trips we have already made. We follow the same format we listed above and organize the day trip by including estimates on the amount of time spent at a location, drive times, etc.

If you found this to be helpful, we would love to hear from you. Please send an email directly to us and tell us about day trips that you have taken.

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