Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom located at 5724 River Road in Nashville, TN is a hidden gem and perfect for planning a memorable date night.

It’s hard to believe that Ray Stevens opened his CabaRay to the public back in 2018, We’ve known about the CabaRay for several years and always said we would go, but sadly we never made it … until this past Valentine’s Day.

When we read the legendary Ray Stevens announced that 2024 would be his final year of weekly live performances at the CabaRay, we had to go.

We remembered many of Ray Stevens novelty hits, such as “The Streak”, “Gitarzan”, “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival”, and many others. Hearing that Ray was ending his live shows, we had to see him.

As Ray says, “I plan to stop performing regularly at my CabaRay Showroom here in Nashville at the end of 2024, but I’ll be going to work everyday in my recording studio and maybe I’ll do a few, a very few, shows in some old familiar places,” he explains. “I’m definitely slowing down but I haven’t come to a complete stop. Not yet, anyway!”

Ray Stevens is soon to be 85 years young. He officially kicks off his final season beginning March 16, 2024. We were fortunate enough to catch a special Valentine’s Date Night performance. From the time we arrived, until the time we left, this was one of the most enjoyable date night evenings we’ve had in a while. If you haven’t seen Ray Stevens or if you remember hearing any of his songs, this will be a date night you need to experience.

What to Expect?

You need to book your tickets online for the show you want to attend. Visit their website to see the dates and times of when the shows are. The majority of the shows will be performed on Saturday evenings.

You can reserve seats for the only the show, however we highly recommend you reserve both the dinner and show for the full experience.

Tickets for show range from $59.50 to $104.50, depending if you choose Standard Section or VIP Select. Adding the plated dinner is only on additional $19.50 … a great value!

Our dinner was delicious and the service top notch. The meal consisted of Chicken Breast, mashed potatoes, vegetables, salad, and rolls. Coffee, tea, or soda is included and you can order cocktails or wine for an additional cost.

A majority of the tables seat 4 to 6 persons and there is not a bad seat in the house.

We reserved two seats and instantly made friends with two other couples who were seated at our table. Sharing a meal, laughing, and then enjoying the show together made for a memorable evening.

Arrive at 5:00 pm

Make the most of your date night and plan to arrive at 5:00 pm when the Piano Bar opens. We were so impressed by the personal welcome everyone received at the door. We both love piano music and that is why we wanted to arrive as soon as they opened. We sat down in the Piano Bar area and enjoyed the music while we sang along and sipped a cocktail. Seating in the Piano Bar area is slightly limited, so we offered for another couple to join us at our table, since we had two empty seats. One of the things that made this a memorable evening is the people you meet and sharing stories of Ray Stevens and his music.

The Show!

After we finished our dinner, the evening seemed to fly by as Ray Stevens shares stories of his 60+ years in the music industry. We had no idea all of the songs Ray was a part of. In between his story telling, Ray sings his many hit songs. Ray was in rare form as he graced the audience with several encore songs.

After the show, don’t be in a rush to leave. Stick around and sit in the piano bar to enjoy a nightcap and listen to more live music. This is the perfect way to wrap up this memorable date night.

The CabaRay has a lot of history on the walls in the form of pictures and stories.

Take some time before or after the show to walk around and look at this memorabilia to discover all the history of Ray Stevens.

Be ready for a fun and enjoyable evening.

You will meet a lot of fun people, enjoy a great meal, hear some classic music and you may even get a chance for a photo op with Ray himself or his backup singers.

“Don’t look Ethel!” Too late … she already did.

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